Anderson High School,  Anderson Indiana

Class of  ‘58





We try to have luncheons twice a year, usually in May and September.

Any Classmate or Friend of the Class is Welcome.


I hope your visit here brings back all the great memories.

Let me know if you find any errors or have any other suggestions.

Email me … Brooks




12.27.2021     In Memory    Sylvia Ferguson

12.23.2021     In Memory    Sherron Quinn

11.24.2021     In Memory    Larry Carpenter

11.07.2021     In Memory    David Bausman

10.11.2021     In Memory    Donald Holliday

10.07.2021     In Memory    Phyllis MacPherson

09.29.2021          Added      63rd Reunion Page

07.23.2021     In Memory    Bill Seal

06.30.2021     In Memory    Phil Sullivan

06.25.2021     In Memory    Gary McClain

06.17.2021     In Memory    Donald Kruegar

06.06.2021     In Memory    Jerry Sale

04.26.2021     In Memory    Marilyn Hill

04.11.2021     In Memory    Barbara Gibson

04.07.2021     In Memory    Robert Glazebrooks

02.22.2021     In Memory    Jerry Ellison

01.19.2021     In Memory    Maribeth Grimes