50th  Reunion  Photos

Our 50th Reunion was a huge success.

It was great to see so many classmates there hugging & shaking hands.


Click on the Class photo below for a Slide Show of the 50th  Reunion


Click on the film strips below for Phil Estep’s Video’s of the 50th Reunion.


Video 1 ...  8 minutes


Video 2 … 11 minutes


Elvis ... 4 minutes


.Elvis also attended our 50th Reunion.

After the dinner and while Brooks was making his Speech to the class …

Buddy suddenly started playing some Elvis music.


Brooks could be seen having some “words” with Buddy …

Probably something like  “That’s not on the schedule” … or ... “What are you doing ?”

But Buddy just smiled at Brooks, and kept playing Elvis music.


The class had secretly collected donations for a gift for Brooks to show our appreciation

For all his work over the years and his efforts to hold the class together.


Since Brooks had impersonated Elvis in High School, and Elvis is his Idol,

Brooks had no idea that Norm Delph was going to impersonate Elvis to make this Presentation.

Everybody was really surprised when Elvis entered.



Among the items Elvis presented to Brooks, from the Class,

was a very large  “We Love you Brooks”  Card …. An Anderson High School throw …



And a Red‘58  Chevy Convertible that Brooks always wanted.

Never knew that Elvis had a sense of humor, but he had us laughing till our sides hurt.



Brooks was told that a Jukebox was borrowed for a nostalgia display.

This was a new Crosley Jukebox with Radio and a 10 CD changer built in.

It had set there Friday and Saturday blowing bubbles and playing Oldies music.

Brooks was seen to look at  (and drool over)  the Jukebox a couple of times.

But this was a   “Hide in Plain Sight”   cover story.


By the way, Brooks ….  I almost forgot ….

The Jukebox is also YOURS

Sorry we made you cry Brooks … But you’ve earned it.

With Much Love, from the AHS class of ‘58


50th Reunion Attendees

Abernathy, Judy

Delph, Norm

Johnson, Joyce

Roudebush, Don

Abshire, Paul

Dennis, Sherry

Johnson, Judith

Sale, Jerry

Albright, Nancy

Doty, Allen

Jones, Larry

Sargent, Carolyn

Alexander, Ron

Dowden, Aretta

Joyce, Tom

Schrope, Carol

Atwell, Jack

Drake, Adelia

Kimm, Francis

Seybert, Sharon

Barnett, Kathy

Dunwiddie, Richard

Kinman, Evelyn

Shaffer, John

Barron, Nancy

Durham, Frank

Larmore, Phil

Shaul, Jerry

Bell, Jesse

Dyson, Bob

Lemon, Jim

Shipman, Annette

Bergdahl, Carol

Eisele, Paul

Lennis, Judy

Shirley, Richard

Bienert, Jeanne

Eitelman, Jay

Luck, David

Small, Toby

Bohlen, Janet

Emerson, Marabeth

Marsh, Laquita

Southers, Norma

Boone, Earl

Englund, Nancy

Martin, Jim

Springer, Arlene

Bradley, Janice

Estep, Phil

Masters, Diana

Spurr, Paul

Brady, Anne

Ferguson, Sylvia

May, Pat

Steiner, Nancy

Bramwell, Lois

Feuston, Shirley

Maynard, Alice

Stickradt, Ed

Brewer, Sandra

Fullington, Kathy

McClain, Earl

Stringer, Jim

Brewster, Susan

Furnish, Norma

McCord, John

Sullivan, Phil

Brown, Wm

Gabel, Nancy

McKay, Ruth Ann

Swinford, Tony

Brubaker, Deanna

Gary, Virginia

McNabney, Ron

Sylvester, Nora

Bryant, Marilyn

Gibson, Barb

McVey, Ron

Taylor, Fred

Callahan, Don

Gibson, Larry

Merrill, Mary

Thomas, Lynn

Carr, Carolyn

Gilmore, Gary

Moore, Gary

Townsend, Brooks

Carron, Donna

Gray, Tom

Motto, Dan

Tway, Dean

Carter, Jim

Hanna, Barry

Myers, Lucy

Ussery, Carole

Carter, Roosevelt

Hardin, Suzanne

Myers, Suzanne

Ussery, Nancy

Chambers, John

Harl, Pat

Obermeyer, Dan

Vaughn, James

Clark, Rex

Harlan, Dixie

Patterson, Buddy

Whitaker, Marvin

Clem, Mona

Harris, Kay

Pearson, Nancy

Whitehouse, Floyd

Cole, Marilyn

Higginbotham, Linda

Pickard, Duane

Whitney, Barb

Collins, Richard

Hill, Dorothy

Podhaski, Jan

Wigner, Ellen

Cook, Dale

Holliday, Don

Poore, Sharon

Wood, Larry

Cook, Gayl

Hoppes, Stephanie

Presser, Carole

Woods, Judith

Crim, Linda

Hosier, Phil

Pursley, Wanda

Worley, Ralph

Crose, Ruby

Howard, Alice

Ramsey, Karen

Wright, Wilma

Crouch, Elaine

Hughes, Richard

Reed, Judith

Yanik, Paul

Davis, Randy

Humerickhouse, Larry

Riggs, Betty

Zachary, Bob

Deitz, Gene

Jeffers, Mary

Roby, Camille

Zander, Ron