52nd  Reunion  Photos

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For those who couldn’t attend the Reunion .. Or didn’t want it to end ..

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Brooks’s  Address                                        AHS School Song



The 52nd Reunion Attendees ….


Abernathy, Judith

Eitelman, Jay

Malsom, Barbara

Seybert, Sharon

Abshire, Paul

Emerson, Marabeth

Marshall, Kay

Shaffer, John

Albright, Nancy

Englund, Nancy

Martin, James

Shaul, Jerry

Barker, Linda

Estep, Philip

May, Patricia

Small, Toby

Barron, Nancy

Feuston, Shirley

McClain, Gene

Smith, Rebecca

Bell, Jesse

Furnish, Norma

McCord, John

Steiner, Nancy

Bergdahl, Carol

Gaddis, Lou Ann

McGuire, John

Stringer, James

Bienert, Jeanne

Gary, Virginia

McKibban, Ronald

Sullivan, Phil

Bradley, Janice

Gellinger, Larry

McNabney, Ronald

Sylvester, Nora

Bramwell, Lois

Gibson, Barbara

Merrill, Mary

Thomas, Lynn

Brubaker, Deanna

Gibson, Larry

Morgan, Bud

Townsend, Brooks

Callahan, Donald

Gilmore, Gary

Motto, Daniel

Troesken, Barb

Carr, Carolyn

Gray, Tom

Obermeyer, Daniel

Tway, Dean

Carron, Donna

Harlan, Dixie

Patterson, Buddy

Van Winkle, Mike

Carter, James

Harris, Judy

Pearson, Nancy

Vaughn, James

Chambers, John

Hughes, Richard

Petry, Neva

Wachob, Judy

Chopson, Marilyn

Humerickhouse, Larry

Podhaski, Jan

Whitaker, Marvin

Clark, Rex

Jeffers, Mary

Poore, Sharon

Wigner, Ellen

Cook, Gayl

Kimm, Francis

Ramsey, Karen

Wiley, Richard

Crose, Ruby

Kinman, Evelyn

Reed, Judith

Williams, Jerry

Davis, Randy

Knick, Robert

Roby, Camille

Wood, Larry

Deitz, Eugene

Larmore, Philip

Roush, Tom

Woods, Judith

Delph, Norman

Lennis, Judy

Sale, Jerry

Yanik, Paul

Dennis, Sherry

Luck, David

Sargent, Carolyn

Zachary, Bob




Zander, Ronald
















































































    I would like to thank all of you that made it to our 52nd Reunion.

Our reunions are fun because you were there, talking about those great days back in the 50s at Anderson High School.


    We had a huge turnout (over 160) considering it was an "off year" for reunions … If there is such a thing for our class.  Everyone looked great and they roamed around the room talking about the good old days ... No one bragging or trying to impress anyone. 


   The reunion was held at a different place this year and it was beautiful ... very high ceilings and hardwood floors.  Buddy provided lots of songs for our high school days and a few tried to dance.


    Classmates were there from all over the United States hugging and shaking hands.

It was great that for a few hours, we put our troubles behind us and talked about the fun we had in the 50s.   It was very sad that the reunion had to come to an end ... a lot of tears shed and some sad "Good Byes"     … Brooks