55th  Reunion  Video and Photos


Another reunion has passed……

How sad it was to say goodbye to old friends that we haven’t seen in years.

But we sure had a lot of fun while it lasted.


Lots of smiles, hugging and hand-shaking ….. even some dancing.

It was a great time to enjoy the past memories and put the present issues aside.


Some that had been to all of our reunions thought this might have been our best,

especially with the Indian mascots doing their war dance.

For others, this was their first reunion and I think they wished they had come sooner.


I look forward to having another reunion in the next 2-3 years.



Click on the 55th  “Family” picture below for a Slide Show


Click on the Film Strip pictures below for the Videos of the 55th Reunion.

Friday  Reception       10 minute Video


Saturday  Reunion      12 minute Video


Saturday Reunion Video Slide Show       160 pictures



The 55th Reunion Attendees


Judith  Abernathy Reeves

Phillip  Estep

Jan  Podhaski Clark

Paul  Abshire

Sylvia  Ferguson Carr

Sharon  Poore Hammons

Nancy Albright Soto

Toni Ferris Benner

Wanda  Pursley Stringer

Tom Allex

Shirley  Feuston Rutherford

Karen  Ramsey Bookout

Jack  Atwell

Virginia  Gary Delph

Earl Remson

Nancy Barron Stauffer

Larry Gibson

Camille  Roby Roudebush

Jesse  Bell

Joan Gilbert Patterson

Tom   Roush

Carol  Bergdahl Strough

Gary   Gilmore

Jerry  Sale

Barbara  Bowers Davis

Tom Gray

Carolyn  Sargent Leazenby

Janice  Bradley Blanchard

Dixie Harlan Gibson

Jerry  Shaul

Lois  Bramwell Mason

Dorothy  Hill Hart

Annette Shipman Mc Clure

Susan  Brewster Stevens

Gary Holladay

Toby Small Brough

William  Brown

Donald  Holliday

Rebecca Smith Eglen

Donald  Callahan

Phillip  Hosier

Norma  Southers Ebert

Carolyn  Carr Bailey

Mary Jeffers Ray

Arlene  Springer Geneva

Larry Carroll

Joyce Johnson Turner

Nancy  Steiner Lamb

John  Chambers

Thomas  Joyce

James  Stringer

Marilyn Chopson Lamey

Evelyn Kinman Dunsmore

Phil Sullivan

Rex   Clark

Robert   Knick

Tony Swinford

Ronald  Clark

Philip  Larmore

Nora  Sylvester Shaffer

Karen Kay Claxon Lefler

James  Lemon

Brooks Townsend

Carlos Corzine

Judy   Lennis Wood

Larry Turner

Linda  Crim Jones

David  Luck

Carole  Ussery Wheeler

Ruby  Crose Bishop

Patricia  May Krebs

James  Vaughn

Randy Davis

Kay McClain

Marvin  Whitaker

Janet Deane Yost

John  McCord

Floyd  Whitehouse

Gene Deitz

Ronald  McNabney

Barbara Whitney

Sherry  Dennis Yoch

Mary Merrill Zachary

Ellen  Wigner Hooper

Aretta  Dowden Dunwiddie

Daniel Obermeyer

Larry  Wood

Richard  Dunwiddie

Buddy Patterson

Judith  Woods Stecher

Jay  Eitelman

Jerry Paugh

Mary  Wysockey Sullivan

Marabeth Emerson LaMacchio

Nancy  Pearson Nieman

Bob  Zachary

Nancy Englund Bailey

Duane Pickard

Ronald Zander