58th Reunion       Video and Photos

What a wonderful time we had our 58th Class Reunion.

About 125 people came to the dinner Saturday evening and 75 came

to the Reception on Friday.      Classmates came from 11 different states.


How rewarding it was for me to see everyone hugging and shaking hands with

old classmates.     The good old days were in most of the conversations.


Many of the classmates saw people they had not seen since high school.

A lot of them talked about being neighbors while they were growing up.

A lot of classmates were there that had lost their spouses.

I know it was tough for them, but I think they were glad they came.


One of the highlights of the evening was when Buddy Patterson played,

"In the Still of the Night" and a lot of classmates slow danced, bringing back

some great memories.


It was sad when the evening ended and everyone went their separate ways.

Looking forward to our 60th Reunion when we can do it all over again.



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