Class Luncheon September 16, 2009


Marv Whitaker and Norm Delph were the chefs

for the September PowWow & Luncheon at the Longfellow Woods club house.


The fish, tenderloins and chicken were delicious.


Along with other side dishes, this was a feast fitting for the tribe of AHS 58


Many tribal war stories are being remembered here.


Still time for more stories


and the desert was great also as long as it lasted


Classmates who attended this PowWow were:


Carolyn Carr Bailey

Patti May Krebs

Nancy Englund Bailey

Marabeth Emerson LaMacchio

Pat Harl Bell

Marilyn Chopson Lamey

Curt & Ruby Crose Bishop

Marvin & Carolyn Sargent Leazenby

Karen Ramsey Bookout

Dave & Pam Luck

Rex & Jan Podhaski Clark

Jim Martin

Norm & Virginia Gary Delph

Dan & Dianne Motto

Becky Smith Eglen

John & Nancy Pearson Nieman

Jay & Mary Eitelman

Camille Roby Roudebush

Phil & Marcia Estep

Nora Sylvester Shaffer

Larry & Dixie Harlan Gibson

Bill & Judy Woods Stecher

Tom & Judy Gray

Jim Stringer

Jeanne Bienert Greer

Brooks & Pam Townsend

Larry Jones

Marvin Whitaker


This 58 graduate still looks good with a spare tire and a removable top