September 2011 AHS ‘58 Luncheon at Ryan's


Wow…..what a huge turnout for our lunch this time.

About 60 people came and had a wonderful time talking about everything from our good old days in high school …

 to our grandchildren.


There were several unique things about this lunch……..

    *  Tom Roush drove all of the way from Tennessee to be with us on his Birthday.

        We sang Happy Birthday to Tom and the restaurant even baked a cake for him.

    *  There several classmates that came for the first time to our lunches……Earlie B. Remson, Pete Bolles,

        Kay Hite, Angela, Gary Holladay, Janet Yost, Linda and Don Webb, Bob Knick, and Lou Groyon.

    *  Don and Linda Barker Webb came all of the way from Madison, Indiana.

    *  The youngest person to ever come to our lunch … 3 months old …

        Mariah Sattler – granddaughter of Pam and Dave Luck.


A special thanks to several classmates that came, but were not in the best of health.  It was a struggle for some to be  

there, but they enjoy seeing everyone and talking about the great times they had back in the 50s.

I want to thank everyone for coming and I hope you stay in great health ............ Brooks



Angela & Gary Holladay                    Bob Knick - Wilma Shaul - Jerry Shaul                  Camille Roudebush       .



Marv Leazenby                                          Carolyn Bailey - Francis Kimm           Earlie Remson       Rebecca Satler

Nancy Nieman - Camille Roudebush                                                                         Pam & Dave Luck            .



Janet Yost - Larry Jones                                  Jerry Shaul                            John Nieman -  Marv Leazenby



Judy & Bob Stecher                                    Kay Hite                             Larry  Gibson -  Curt Bishop  



Larry Humerickhouse -  Doug Clanin               Linda & Don Webb                Marvin Whitaker -  Tom & Judy Gray

Barb Hollenback                                                                                                                                    .



Dan Motto - Bob Dyson -  Pete Bolles             Nancy & David Bailey                        Mary & Jay Eitelman              .



            Nancy & Fidel Soto                      Pam & Brooks Townsend            Pam Luck  -  Mariah Sattler (3 mos old)     



Patti Krebs  -  Karen Bookout            Ron Clark  -  Karen  & Jerry Sale        Ruby Bishop  -  Dixie Gibson



Tom Roush                               Tom Roush cutting cake                     Wanda & Jim Stringer



          Nancy Nieman                         Paul Abshire  -  Lou Groyon



Click Here for a 6 minute YouTube Video of the Luncheon

If this video stops and restarts a lot, Your internet speed is not fast enough.

You might try Pausing the video until it loads completely, then Playing it.