May 16, 2012

AHS ‘58 Luncheon at Cracker Barrel


Just like General Custer,   The Cracker Barrel didn’t expect so many Indians.


What a huge turnout !!!!

The most we have ever had, even though several classmates were in the hospital, or out of town.


A special thanks to several classmates that came, but were not in the best of health. 

They all told me that they wouldn't miss it.  They love being with classmates that were a big part of their lives back in the 50s.   For some, it was their first lunch with us.  

I'm sure they had fun and will come to our next one in September.

I’ll have to find a bigger place the next time


I want to thank everyone for coming and I hope you stay in great health  ............  Brooks










Click Here for a  3˝  minute video of some of the conversations

( It will require a High Speed internet to see this video )


Attending Classmates and Friends

Arnold, Neva

Estep, Phil & Marcia

Robbins, John & Sue

Bailey, Dave & Nancy

Gibson, Larry & Dixie

Roudebush, Camille

Bailey, Carolyn

Gray, Tom

Sheets, Lucy

Bell, Larry & Barb

Hammons, Kay

Smith, Ann

Greer, Jeanne

Hite, Kay

Soto, Fidel & Nancy

Bishop, Curt & Ruby

Holladay, Gary

Stecher, Bill & Judy

Bookout, Karen

Holliday, Don & Cindy

Stringer, Jim & Wanda

Boots, Tom

Jones, Larry

Swinford, Tony

Brough, Toby

Kimm, Francis

Thomas, Lynn & Wilma

Carr, Sylvia

Krebs, Patti

Townsend, Brooks & Pam

Clanin, Doug

LaMacchio, Marabeth

Van Winkle, Mike

Clark, Rex & Jan

Lamey, Marilyn

Ward, Jim & Judi

Clark, Ron

Leazenby, Marv & Carolyn

Whitaker, Marv

Davis, Randy

Love, Sheila

Williams, Jerry & Susan

Eglen, Becky

Luck, Dave & Pam

Wood, Larry & Judy

Eitelman, Jay & Mary

McClain, Kay

Zachary, Bob & Mary


Nieman, John & Nancy