AHS 58 Luncheon

September 19, 2012

Grandview Golf Course Clubhouse


A special thanks to all of you that came to our lunch.  Another big turnout.

Each time the number grows and grows.

There were several new faces there yesterday.  I hope you had a great time.

There were several of our "regulars" that could not make it for one reason or another.

Several were very sick and I pray that they will get better.


It makes me feel really good when I hear a lot of you say that they look forward to coming to our lunches and reunions.

I think the Grandview restaurant was perfect for our lunch....

lots of room for everyone to visit friends.

I want to thank everyone for coming.  Always great to see you ............  Brooks











73 Classmates and Friends attended this Luncheon

Bailey, Dave & Nancy

Jones, Larry

Shaul, Jerry & Nancy

Bailey, Carolyn

Joyce, Tom

Smith, Ann

Brough, Toby

Kimm, Francis

Smith, Jay & LouAnn

Callahan, Don & Lottie

Knick, Bob & Janet

Soto, Fidel & Nancy

Clanin, Doug

Krebs, Patti

Stecher, Bill & Judy

Clark, Ron

LaMacchio, Marabeth

Stringer, Jim & Wanda

Delph, Virginia

Lamey, Marilyn

Townsend, Brooks & Pam

Dyson, Bob

LaRue, Anne

Van Winkle, Mike

Eglen, Becky

Leazenby, Marv & Carolyn

Vinson, Susie

Eitelman, Jay & Mary

Love, Sheila

Ward, Jim & Judi

Estep, Phil & Marcia

Luck, Dave & Pam

Webb, Don & Linda

Gibson, Larry & Dixie

McClain, Kay

Whitaker, Marv & Judy

Gilmore, Gary

Nieman, John & Nancy

Williams, Jerry & Susan

Hale, Joan

Patterson, Joan

Wood, Larry & Judy

Holliday, Don & Cindy

Roudebush, Camille

Yost, Janet

Hooper, Dave & Ellen

Sale, Jerry & Karen

Zachary, Bob & Mary


Shaffer, Nora