AHS ‘58 Luncheon

May 16, 2013  at Montana Mike’s

What a great time we had at our lunch. 

62 classmates showed up and talked about everything

 from aches and pains to the good old days at AHS.

Bob Dyson, Phil Estep and Larry Jones even told a story about

a trip to Indy in a VW without any recall the next day……HA

Thanks so much to all of you that came  … Brooks


Click HERE for a 5 minute YouTube video of this Luncheon

( It will require a High Speed internet to watch this video )















May Luncheon Attendees


Abshire, Paul

Kimm, Francis


Brough, Toby

Krebs, Patti


Bailey, Carolyn

LaMacchio, Beth


Bailey, Nancy & David

Lamey, Marilyn


Bishop, Ruby & Curt

Larmore, Phil


Bookout, Karen

Leazenby, Carolyn & Marvin


Callahan, Charlotte & Don

Luck, Pam & Dave


Clanin, Doug

McClain, Kay


Clark, Jan & Rex

Motto, Dianne & Dan


Delph, Virginia

Nieman, Nancy & John


Dyson, Bob

Obermeyer, Judy & Dan


Eglen, Becky

Pickard, Beth & Duane


Eitelman, Mary & Jay

Roudebush, Camille


Estep, Marcia & Phil

Shaul, Nancy & Jerry


Gibson, Dixie & Larry

Soto, Nancy & Fidel


Gilmore, Gary

Stecher, Judy & Bill


Gray, Tom

Stringer, Wanda & Jim


Holliday, Cindy & Don

Townsend, Pam & Brooks


Jones, Larry

Whitaker, Judy & Marv


Joyce, Ellie & Tom

Zachary, Mary & Bob