May 14, 2015    Class Luncheon


What a great turnout for our lunch at Cracker Barrel.  We filled the entire north end of Cracker Barrel.  There were about 60 there, including Pat & Tom Roush who flew their new plane from Tennessee. Janet Yost and Gary Gilmore drove down from Ft. Wayne and Bob Dyson came from Fishers.

There were several classmates there for our lunch for the first time ...... Linda Crim Jones, Ron McNabney, Carol & Robert Strough, Mike Mathews, Janet Bohlen Layton and Jesse Bell. They seemed to really enjoy it.  Several of our "Lunch Regulars" couldn't make it due to doctor's appointments, sickness and being out-of-town.

It was really nice to see Nancy and David Bailey there.  David had his leg amputated from the knee down last year and is waiting for the infection to leave so he can get a prosthesis.

We will be having another luncheon in September .... hope you can make it.


Click on the Cracker Barrel

for a 5  minute video



May 2015 Luncheon Attendees


Bailey, Carolyn

Luck, Pam & David

Bailey, Nancy & David

Mason, Lois

Bell, Barb & Larry

Mathews, Carole & Mike

Bell, Brenda & Jesse

McNabney, Ron

Clanin, Doug

Roush, Pat & Tom

Clark, Mariah

Sattler, Rebecca

Clark, Rex

Shaul, Nancy & Jerry

Dyson, Bob

Shaul, Wilma

Eglen, Becky

Soto, Nancy & Fidel

Gilmore, Gary

Stecher, Judy & Bill

Grant, Errol

Stringer, Wanda & Jim

Holladay, Gary

Strough, Carol & Robert

Jones, Linda

Sullivan, Phil

Joyce, Tom

Townsend, Pam & Brooks

Kimm, Francis

Vinson, Susie

Krebs, Patti

Walker, Kathy & Gary

LaMacchio, Mary Beth

Whitaker, Judy & Marv

Lamey, Marilyn

Wood, Judy

Layton, Janet

Yost, Janet

Leazenby, Carolyn & Marvin