AHS ’58 Class Luncheon at Montana Mike’s

September 17, 2015


    We had a great time at our lunch on September 17. 

Sixty classmates showed up and talked about the fun they had in high school … and of course their health.


   There were classmates there from Ft. Wayne, Kokomo, Grabill, Greenwood, Indianapolis, Fishers, Muncie, Alexandria, Pendleton and Anderson, Indiana.  And listen to this … Nora Sylvester Shaffer came from Michigan, and Jim Carter was here from Maine visiting his relatives.


   Sadly, several of our “regulars” had health issues and were unable to make it.

They told me that they certainly would have been there if they could.


   It was so nice to see classmates there that were not in the best of health … several walkers and canes.  It was also great to see a lot of classmates that their spouses had passed away.


    One comment that a lot of classmates made was ... ”I wouldn’t miss coming to these lunches and reunions for anything”.



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September 2015 Luncheon Attendees


Bailey, Carolyn & Errol Grant


Kimm, Francis

Bailey, Nancy & David


Krebs, Patti

Bell, Larry & Barb


LaMacchio, Marabeth

Bookout, Karen


Lamey, Marilyn

Brough, Toby


Larmore, Phil

Callahan, Charlotte & Don


Leazenby, Carolyn & Marvin

Carter, Jim & Marlee


Luck, Pam & Dave

Carter, John & Karen


Mason, Lois & Bill

Clanin, Doug


McClain, Kay

Davis, Randy & Lena Ledford


Motto, Dan

Dyson, Bob


Nieman, Nancy & John

Eglen, Becky


Shaffer, Nora

Eitelman, Jay


Shaul, Nancy & Jerry

Estep, Phil


Soto, Nancy & Fidel

Gibson, Dixie & Larry


Stringer, Wanda & Jim

Gilmore, Gary


Townsend, Pam & Brooks

Holliday, Cindy & Don


Whitaker, Judy & Marv & Miss Gracie

Jones, Larry


Wood, Judy

Joyce, Ellie & Tom


Zachary, Mary