AHS ’58 Class Luncheon

Sept 14, 2017


  It was a gorgeous day and about 50 classmates came to our luncheon at Cracker Barrel.


  Lots of talk about our good old days at AHS.

Some of the stories I think were told for the first time.

However, most of them had been told many times before.

In general it went a little like this  .....  “Do you remember when ..... “


  Several of our “regulars” were unable to make it for a variety of reasons.

They did email me and tell me they wished they could be there.


  Some classmates came, even though it would have been much easier to have stayed home.

Thanks for coming.

* Charlie & Barb Tipton surprised us with a visit.

* Nice to see Judy Hawkins Gulley. Been a long time.

* Great seeing Kay Claxon Lefler from Ft Wayne.

* Doug Clanin made it after surgery & rehab.

* Randy Davis also after surgery and rehab.

* Marabeth LaMacchio's cancer has NOT spread.

* Pam Luck's surgery postponed until Monday.

* Kay McClain and Judy Wood still plugging along.

* Gary Gilmore and his brother & sister had their reunion with us.

* Camille Roudebush has relocated to Noblesville and she says she is doing fine.



3min  33sec YouTube Video …

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Luncheon Attendees         .

Bailey, Nancy Englund

LaMacchio, Marabeth Emerson

Bell, Larry & Barb

Layton, Janet Bohlen

Clanin, Doug

Leazenby, Carolyn & Marvin

Crowe, Lynne Gilmore

Lefler, Kay Claxon

Davis, Randy

Luck, Pam & Dave

Deshong, Joyce

Mason, Lois & Bill

Dyson, Bob

McClain, Kay

Eitelman, Jay

Motto, Dianne & Dan

Estep, Phil

Roudebush, Camille Roby

Gibson, Dixie & Larry

Soto, Nancy & Fidel

Gilmore, Gary

Stecher, Judy & Bill

Gilmore, Doug

Strough, Carol & Robert

Grant, Carolyn & Errol

Tipton, Charles & Barb

Gulley, Judy Hawkins

Townsend, Pam & Brooks

Holliday, Cindy & Don

Whitaker, Marv

Jones, Larry

Wood, Judy

Joyce, Ellie & Tom