An excellent day weather-wise brought out a lot of classmates to our luncheon Thursday.

   There were classmates there from Upland, Ft. Wayne, Kokomo, Greencastle, Indianapolis, Muncie, Alexandria, Pendleton and Anderson.

    Several of our "Lunch Regulars" couldn't make it due to doctor's appointments, sickness and being out-of-town. 

    Remarkable to see Marabeth LaMacchio there.  She has had a tough time the past couple years dealing with cancer. She had a treatment the morning of our lunch and had her son, Tony, drive her from Upland to see everyone. Now that is determination. 

    Really nice to see Lottie & Don Callahan there. Their son, Don Jr, passed away a couple weeks ago after an extended illness. They are hanging in there. What a blow to lose a child. Sadly, several of our classmates have experienced that. 

    I talked to Marv Whitaker the other day and he said he was going to come, even if he was in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, he is in a rehab center in Muncie and not able to do it.

    Gary Gilmore called me from Ft. Wayne and wanted to come, but unfortunately, he has Parkinson's and his relatives would not let him drive.  Gary comes to all of our events, so this September, Gary may need a ride from someone in the Ft. Wayne area.

    Pat and Tom Roush had plans to fly up from Tennessee, but too many storms down south changed their plans.

    It was really nice to see classmates there that were not in the best of health.




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Luncheon Attendees

Nancy Bailey

Francis Kimm

Barb & Larry Bell

Marabeth & Tony LaMacchio

Lottie & Don Callahan

Pam & Dave Luck

Doug Clanin

Dan Motto

Rex Clark

Nancy Nieman

Becky Eglen

Camille Roudebush

Mary & Jay Eitelman

Wanda & Jim Stringer

Phil Estep

Barb & Charlie Tipton

Carolyn & Errol Grant

Pam & Brooks Townsend

Larry Jones

Susie & George Vinson

Ellie & Tom Joyce

Janet Yost