AHS ‘58 Luncheon

May 16, 2019  at Montana Mike’s

A beautiful day for lunch at Montana Mikes. About 30 classmates came from Fishers, Seymour, Alexandria and Anderson.


Many of our regulars couldn't make it due to health issues and/or doctors appointments. Others had previous commitments and couldn't change them. Several emailed me and were sorry they couldn't make it and wanted me to tell everyone Hello. Doug Clanin always comes but couldn't make it due to mobility issues. He would love to have visitors - call or email him.


Everyone still talked a lot about AHS, but sadly more of the conversation now is about health. Today I was part of conversations that included classmates with kidney issues, kidney removals, heart pacemakers, diabetes, cornea transplants and more.


Carol Bergdahl Strough surprisingly was there after having a kidney removed only two months ago. Marabeth LaMacchio came after her doctors appointment. Great news...her cancer has not spread and all her tests have leveled out. Pray for Becky Eglen who will be having cornea transplants very soon. Nice seeing Bob Dyson from Fishers, and Randy Davis from Seymour.


It is always great seeing the smiling faces of our classmates.





Luncheon Attendees

Larry & Barb Bell

Randy Davis

Bob Dyson

Becky Eglen

Phil Estep

Cindy & Don Holliday

Jeanne & Larry Jones

Marabeth & Tony LaMacchio

Carolyn & Marvin Leazenby

Pam & Dave Luck

Camille Roudebush

Carol & Robert Strough

Pam & Brooks Townsend

Jim Vaughn

Mary & Bob Zachary