AHS ‘58 Luncheon

September 18, 2019  at Cracker Barrel

It was a gorgeous day and about 35 classmates came to our luncheon at Cracker Barrel.


Classmates came from Florida, Tennessee, Martinsville, Seymour, Kokomo, Indianapolis, Fishers, Upland, Muncie, Alexandria and Anderson.


Everyone talked about our good old days in high school and past doctors visits.....HA.


Several of our “regulars” were unable to make it for a variety of reasons.  I honestly think some were playing "hookie". Several classmates emailed me and told me they wished they could be there.


A special thanks to several classmates that came, but were not in the best of health. It would have been much easier to have stayed home. Marabeth LaMaccio came in spite of her battle with cancer.


Aretta and Richard Dunwiddie surprised us and came. They live in Florida, but were visiting with their daughter.  They told me that they also wanted to escape from all the hurricanes.


Great to see Pat and Tom Roush. They flew their plane (It's a beauty) all the way from Tennesse....that's special.


Several first-timers came: Aretta and Richard Dunwiddie, Neva Arnold, Sheila Love and Roberta Miller. Roberta is Cindy Holladay's mother. They looked like sisters.



Luncheon Attendees


Arnold, Neva

Davis, Randy

Dunwiddie, Aretta & Richard

Eitelman, Mary & Jay

Estep, Phil

Gibson, Dixie & Larry

Holliday, Cindy & Don

Jones, Larry

Joyce, Ellie & Tom

Kimm, Francis

LaMacchio, Marabeth

Leazenby, Carolyn & Marvin

Love, Sheila

Luck, Pam & Dave

Miller, Roberta

Nieman, Nancy

Roush, Pat & Tom

Stringer, Wanda & Jim

Townsend, Pam & Brooks

Vinson, Susie & George

Zachary, Mary & Bob