In Memory

Of Our Beloved Classmates.


“The Lord bless you and keep you,     The Lord make his face to shine on you,

and give you peace and be gracious unto you.      Amen”

You are not forgotted … Until we meet again.


160 Classmates to be remembered.

95 Classmates have passed away since our 50th Reunion.

AHS ‘58 officially had 381 Graduates but there are about 412 who are considered as Classmates.


Achor Ronald    Adcock Roger  Agnew Curtis    Atwell Jack  Backous Paul  Badger Paul


  Baker Terry  Ballinger Larry  Barnett Mark  Beason Blanche  Bedwell Robert  Bell Yvonna  Blackwell Ann


    Boone_El Nancy    Boyd Mary Dawn  Brady Anne    Breitweiser Thomas


    Callahan David  Campbell Leon      Carter Roosevelt  Cattron Max


  Clark Ronald    Cook Dale  Coon Jerry  Copeland Dale  Cornelius Nancy  Corzine Carlos


Cowart David  Cowart Rex  Crane Kenneth  Crim Janet  Davis Peggy  Day Connie    Delph Norman


  Dennis Shirley  Dronberger Douglas    Dukes Mary  Durham Frank  Fawbush Linda  


Fickle John  Fitzsimmons Grace    Frye Judith  Fullington Kathy  Furnish Norma  Gammon Carole  Garner Martha


    Green Jesse  Grissom Alice  Harris Judith  Harris Larry    Hornbeck Sheila


Hosier Phillip    Hudson Sue  Huey Tony  Humerickhouse Larry    Janes Jesse  


Johnson Jerise  Johnson William  Jones Gail  Keith Earl    Livingston Martha  Martin Dixie  Martin James


    McClain Gene  McCullum Warren  McDaniel Janet  McGuire John    


McLaughlin Sharon    Meeker Douglas  Melson James  Mitchell Bessie    Myers Lucy  Nicholson Bill


  Page Sally  Paschal Mary  Petry Lynn  Pickel Jerry  Podhaski Jan  Poole Billy  


Posey Emma  Presser Carole  Ramsey Donald  Ray Harry  Reed Carolyn  Rees Gerald    Reichart Myron


Roberson Kay  Robinson Cecil  Rowe Cheryl  Sargent Nancy  Seipel Rex  Seybert Sharon  Sink Robert  Skouden Priscilla


Sloane Thomas  Smith Janice  Smith Joyce    Smithers Carolyn    Stanley Fern  Stanley Linda


Straub Susan  Wiley Richard  Streaty Kenneth  Tony Anthony    Tway Dean  Wilkinson Richard  VanMeter Carmen

VanMetre Jerry  Wellons Shirley      Wilkerson Roosevelt  Wilkins Willy  Williams Nondas  Williams Thomas


Williams Vivian  Wills Dorothy  Wilson Thomas  Wood Larry    Young Dallas  Young Hazel



12.21.2020      Ron McKibban

12.02.2020      Patricia Dudley

12.01.2020      Deanna Brubaker

09.24.2020      Susan Brewster

09.20.2020      Ruth Ann McKay

09.19.2020      Earl Boone

08.26.2020      Mike Mathews

08.25.2020      Randy Davis

08.04.2020      Walter Fox

12.31.2019      Shirley Feuston

12.14.2019      Norman Reeves

11.08.2019      Jerry Carpenter

11.08.2019      Ellen Wigner

11.03.2019      Sarah Hedrick

10.05.2019      Lois Bramwell

07.28.2019      Richard Bourke

07.26.2019      Don Johnson

06.09.2019      Larry Gellinger

06.02.2019      Gary Gilmore

05.21.2019      Ann Adams

04.13.2019      Margery Smith

04.09.2019      Howard Bledsoe

04.02.2019      Ron McVey

03.14.2019      Kay Cappel

02.07.2019      Rex Clark

02.05.2019      Philip Larmore

12.20.2018      Lynn Thomas

11.10.2018      George Jackson

11.04.2018      Marvin Whitaker

10.25.2018      Carolyn Bailey

09.19.2018      Sherry Dennis

09.16.2018      Judith Woods

05.08.2018      Dave Spaulding

04.03.2018      Michael Coen

04.03.2018      James Ashby

04.03.2018      Shirley Hudson

04.03.2018      Patricia  Olden

03.30.2018      Bud Morgan

02.16.2018      Judy Porter

01.15.2018      Patricia May

12.16.2017      William Brown

08.01.2017      Robert Sink

05.18.2017      Larry Ballinger

05.02.2017      Billy Poole

04.09.2017      Mary Boyd

12.24.2016      Ron Clark

09.01.2016     John McGuire

08.16.2016      Norma Furnish

07.07.2016      Larry Harris

04.17.2016      Joyce Smith

03.26.2016      Carlos Corzine

03.17.2016      Paul Backous

03.10.2016      Lucy Meyers

12.02.2015      Doug Meeker

11.28.2015      Tony Swinford

09.02.2015      Dale Cook

06.20.2015      Kathy Fullington

03.08.2015      Connie Day

02.07.2015      Janet McDaniel

01.17.2015      Jack Atwell

12.08.2014      Tom Williams

09.10.2014      Richard Wiley

09.09.2014      Larry Wood

08.11.2014      Roosevelt Wilkerson

04.15.2014      Phillip Hosier

03.02.2014     Judith Frye