By Karen Ramsey Bookout    11/22/2001

Ramsey Karen


There is a desk up against the wall,  Precious memories I do recall
The memory of the neighborhood,  Where the AHS proudly stood
This desk was a part of that wonderful school, Where we learned the “Golden Rule”
In a schoolroom from another time,  And now it has been cleaned of its dirt and grime
I salvaged it on that eventful day,  Thanks to a worker who was looking my way
As the wrecking ball begin to sway, I said . “Hey Mister! I have something to say
Can you get me a desk from out of the school’”,   He said, “But Ma’m, that’s against the rule
But I will see what I can do, Just wait a minute ... I’ll get back to you”
I stood there in utter disbelief,  As tears rolled down my cheeks with grief
Even placed a red and green wreath, The ribbon read   “Class of 1958”
And I carefully placed it on the gate,  Fairly soon the rough looking man
Came to the fence and said  “Ma’m,   If you will come around to the parking lot
I have something for you, you may not want”,  But I went around and there it stood
This rusty old desk with its weathered wood,  The man lifted it up high over the fence
And I’ve held onto it ever since,  The day the first bricks began to fall
As I walked away proud and tall, I thought I heard … our old school call ...
“Remember me and all who were here”,  And I gave our school one last cheer
And then I said a silent prayer,  For all us who gathered there
In bygone days when the world seemed free,  And for all the memories that you gave to me.




Schoolwork .. Don’t care to remember how ..

I’ll just be happy if I can write on the desk now.


(Click on the Desk for a bigger picture if you want to read the graffiti better)